Fern Nichols started Moms In Prayer in 1984 out of a desperate desire to pray with at least one other mom for the needs of her children and their junior high school. The ministry soon flourished as other moms caught the vision of covering each school in prayer. While most MIP women are in Traditional Groups, which pray for one school, over the years we have expanded our groups to include women who pray for children from different schools, but come together regularly to pray through the Four Steps of Prayer.
In keeping with the mission of Moms In Prayer International, groups which pray for children who are not students will choose a school to pray for, possibly a child’s future or previous school, or another school in the area which does not have its own MIP group. Then, during the school intercession time, the group will pray for the teachers, the administration and students at the chosen school(s). Groups that pray for more than one school should not feel compelled to do Words and Deeds. Their love, support and encouragement for the staff is in the form of your prayers.

Group Types:

  • Traditional: The traditional Moms In Prayer group prays for a specific school.
  • College/University: Prayer is a special way of connecting with a college student, whether living away or remaining at home.
  • Career: Mothers of adult children who are no longer in school can still be praying for this important season in their child’s life.
  • Grandmothers: Grandmothers can pray with a group for the school their grandchildren attend or they can form a Grandmothers Group.
  • Church-based: Women in a local community may choose to meet together in an area church to pray for their children and the schools they attend. Several schools and all ages of children may be represented.
  • Children with Special Needs: Mothers who have children with special needs often pray in Traditional or Church-based Groups. However, for moms who wish to pray specifically with those who understand the uniqueness of raising a child with special needs, they can form a Special Needs Group.
  • Homeschool: Homeschool moms are in a unique position to pray for themselves as both teacher and mom.
  • Language-based: Moms who come together based on a language other than English, such as Spanish, Korean or Chinese, can register as a Language-based Group.
  • Military: Mothers with sons or daughters in the military may choose to pray with a Career Group or form their own Military Group.
  • Preschool: A Preschool Group can be a group praying for children who attend preschool, or it can be a group praying for children not yet attending school.
  • Prison/Jail: MIP leaders minister to moms in prison by facilitating an hour of prayer for the children these moms so desperately miss. To be part of this ministry, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Prodigal: Mothers of wayward children can feel isolated and distraught. Meeting to pray with other moms can bring hope as together the children are lifted to the Lord. Moms of prodigal children can form a Prodigal Group or can pray with any relevant group type.
  • Working Moms: Moms who work outside the home can pray together before work, at lunch, after work or on the weekend.

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